About RocketMailer

RocketMailer is a pc-based system that evolved from a need for an easy email campaign manager that would allow anyone (with or without a rocket science degree) to craft professional-looking correspondence without breaking the budget. The RocketMailer offers sleek design templates, scheduled sending options for small and large lists, list imports and exports, and more... All at a cosmically affordable price. The tools reside on your pc so there are no monthly fees or per email charges. The system is ready for launch whenever itís needed, and its functionality, from simple reminders to elaborate newsletters, is out of this world.


Key Features

Powerful Email Designer

Create and test your email designs with our integrated WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. The editor supports images, text styling, dynamic personal greetings, tables, custom CSS and attachments.

Modify your design visually using the editor and test the message layout by sending the message to yourself with one click.


Distribution List Management Tools

Manage small and large email distribution lists to target your separate audiences. Quickly locate and modify existing addresses, and import additional addresses from existing databases, while letting the system block duplicate addresses dynamically.

The system also allows you to export your existing address lists.


Powerful Email Job Manager

Submit email jobs for immediate delivery, or schedule distribution to begin at a specific date and time. You may pause an active job at any time, adjust the delivery date/time or speed dynamically. The system supports up to 5 active email jobs running simultaneously.

You can set the delivery speed that will work the best for your situation, allowing you to either send as fast as possible, or to throttle down delivery speeds to avoid spam filters (under the radar).


Job & System Monitoring

There are a number of built-in status monitoring tools that will show you, at a glance, what email jobs are being processed, the speed of active jobs, and more.

Active port monitoring and network availability are just a few of the variables reported live by the system.


Stand-Alone SMTP Server Emulation

Although the system can support any number of existing email accounts/servers, it also supports Stand-Alone SMTP Server Emulation. This allows you to send messages to your audiences directly without passing/relaying the email through an external server.

Sending mail through authenticated relay servers increases the likelihood of delivery (not being blocked), while SMTP Emulation increases your level of privacy.


Built-in Email Crawler/Scraping Tools

The RocketMailer Suite provides a number of tools that will allow you to automatically search for and retrieve applicable email addresses from your customers' web sites. This tool allows you to control the depth (in the Ultimate Package) and confinement levels in your searches, and has Name SmartMatch technology that pairs names with the email addresses found.

The tool also allows you to establish email suffix filters, domain filters and keyword requirements used during the high speed searches.


Reporting Tools

The built-in reporting tools provide you with detail on job progress and network stability. The system actively monitors port availability, network connectivity, job speed performance.

The reporting tools allow you to filter events by type, date range and specific jobs.


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